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On a lark, a few weeks ago I submitted a picture to an online photo contest on picture.com. Now I am receiving an email almost every single day from the site, telling me that I’ve won the “Editor’s Choice Award” which only 12% of submissions win. Don’t I feel special? In fact, I should feel so special that I will pay the site ridiculous amounts of money to buy a plaque with this great achievement forever memorialized. Or perhaps a coffee table book with my picture along with a bunch of other suckers’ pictures. Or, I can pay my way to Las Vegas and then pay them to attend some sort of conference/awards thingy where I shall receive an award or something. Or I can do all of these and more! I’m just so choked up at the thought that they thought enough of my work that they want me to pay them to award me. If that makes as much sense as mud to you, then we’re in the same boat.

Here’s the picture that is causing all this hulabaloo:

Prom Night

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Welcome to Inky Nymph! My name is Undine and I am a university student at a small liberal arts institution in the South. I established this blog to share interesting tidbits of information as well as my thoughts. Enjoy!

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