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About an hour ago, I got a call from a company that I interviewed with about a month ago for a summer job that I think I’d adore.  I’ve been in contact with them between then and now, but the actual decision to hire me was only just offered today.  I immediately accepted since everyone around me has been pushing for me to get a real summer job rather than the part-time gig I currently have at the local library.  I’ve been focused on getting a ‘real’ job all summer, that when one that I’d been waiting for finally was offered, I snapped it up.  It wasn’t until after that I thought of everything that I’ll have to give up.  The long weekend at the beach with my family this weekend (I start Monday).  The out-of-town family reunionin 2 weeks.  Time with my boyfriend who will be coming up at the end of July, through the first week of August.  If I work 40 hours every week, that’s 80 hours I won’t be spending with him!

This last sacrifice is the kicker.  I haven’t seen him since May 3.  He’s currently out of contact for an entire month, so I can’t even call him up and talk to him about it.  Once he leaves in August, I won’t see him again until December since I’m studying abroad, and maybe not even then, since we’ll both be on Christmas vacation then and live far enough away to make visiting a hassle.  So I may not see him until mid-January when we both return to school.  Thus, suffice to say, every hour is precious, so 80 hours of work when I could be spending time with him is practically unacceptable.  Though unfortunately necessary it seems.

Be careful what you wish for, cause you might just get it.


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The faerie that governs my ipod* seems to have decided to work her magic in the rest of my life.

Remember the guy I mentioned in my last post – the old classmate that I ran into in the library?  Well, I am ashamed to admit that after he said goodbye to me, my heart started racing a bit and all I wanted him to do was kiss me.  We had hugged in greeting and I guess having a guy hold me, even for a few seconds, was enough to trigger some emotions I have tried to keep buried during the summer when I am separated from el boyo.  This is the first time I have actually had such a palatable response to any guy other than him.  So of course I was thinking about wanting a kiss for the rest of my shift at the library while mentally kicking myself.

I finally got home around 9:15, chatted with my parents, then sat down with a little HGTV.  Around 9:45, my cell rings, and it’s el boyo!  Now, to understand why this has to be the work of my faerie, reminding me of my fantastic boy at a weak moment, you have to know that el boyo is at boot camp currently, with extremely limited access to any form of contact with the outside world.  So a call from him is practically a miracle.  Especially when you consider the timing!

So there you have it – proof that my ipod faerie has broken from her shell and decided to guide the rest of my life in more direct ways.

* The perfect song tends to come on at the perfect moment time and time again, so I have taken to describe the phenomenon as a faerie in my ipod

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While working at the library tonight, a high school classmate of mine noticed me and came up to say hi.  Now, this is not any classmate, but rather one of the most popular guys in school, class president, etc, etc.  He’s not at all conceited and is rather the nicest person anyone will ever meet.  It was really nice talking to him, even if it was only for 5 minutes.

Later, I decided to do some classic Facebook stalking and look him up, and while I was doing a search for him on Facebook, my two other friends with the same first name popped up as well.  Looking at this list, I noticed that all three are extremely nice, friendly guys who anyone would love to be friends (or more, wink wink) with.  They are all upstanding young men who have great morals and convictions.  I could go on and on, but you get the jist.

Names are interesting.  I never really thought about it, but sometimes a certain name tends to be associated with a certain type of person in one’s life.  Just like these three.  Three amazing guys, one name: Sean.  And that’s just a happy name to begin with, don’t you think?

Do you know of any name-trends in your life?

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Update on the job I applied for yesterday and didn’t want to get my hopes up: a blog I subscribe to, Freelance Writing Jobs, which posts a list of links to freelance writing jobs around the web for readers to apply for, today listed that self-same job.  Considering the massive readership of the blog, this means that there will probably be more competition for the job than I had originally thought.  But, on the bright side, I did actually apply for the job last night when I found it.  This is a lucky break from my previous way of applying for Craigslist jobs, which was to email it to myself and apply days later when I finally got around to doing it (not that I have anything else to do, but I am just a lazy bum).  So, essentially, I was able to get in my application before the rush of applicants sent from FWJ.  Fingers crossed!

Update to my previous update: My mom and I got home from work tonight and found a message on the machine from the placement agency that placed the ad on Craigslist calling me and asking me to call them tomorrow between 9 and 5 to discuss coming in for an interview!  Yippee!!!  Ok, calming down and again not getting hopes up…

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Another day, another Craigslist ad…  This time, it’s a position that I would so dearly love to get that I can’t put it into words right now!  Essentially, it’s a position for a summer proofreader one town over from me, which basically fulfills all of my desires for a summer job in that it’s both close to home and involves me editing!  But I am terrified of getting my hopes up right now, since my recent history has shown that any ad I respond to will never respond to any of my attempts to reach them.  At least I know this one is a reputable company (unlike the last one) and their ad said that they take phone calls, so if I don’t hear from them in a few days, I guess I’ll call them.  Even though I hate hate hate talking on the phone, especially to strangers!

Gah!  Job hunting sucks.  Summer sucks.  I want everyone to go to school year round.  Humph.

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