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Living in Virginia, I have discovered, means dealing with temperamental weather. Up north, where I live while not in school, we have two seasons: winter and not winter. I chose to attend school in the south so that I might experience a) more than two seasons and b) less winter. What I didn’t sign up for, however, is Mother Nature toying with me.

One day it’s gorgeous and 60 degrees outside.  The next, it’s 35 and rainy.  It’s depressing!  I love love love the 60 degree weather in the middle of February, particularly when I hear about another couple of inches/feet being dumped on good ol’ Massachusetts.  But it just makes it that much worse when the actual ‘winter’ weather returns!  And it makes me sick, what with all the constant changes in temperature/pressure/whatever.

So please, Mother Nature, just make up your mind!  If it’s going to be winter, let it be winter.  Don’t taunt and tease us with springy weather and then snatch it away!  Pretty please?

Otherwise, this is going to be your theme song:


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The Ticketmaster email for this event just popped into my email box.

Yes, Elton John and…




*insert extremely girly squeal of delight here*

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I’ve never been one to make grand promises to better myself on New Year’s in some way.  I suppose I never saw any use in it.  A year is a mighty long time, during which quite a lot can happen.  So is 40 days.  But it’s more manageable.  Thus, I have decided to use Lent as a time to make resolutions that might actually improve my life.

When I was younger, every Lent we would each give up some sort of food that was enjoyable, but not necessarily good for us.  My mother always gives up Diet Coke.  I usually tried some form of chocolate, but I fear that never lasted long.  The one year I can actually remember giving something up for Lent and actually sticking with it was the year I gave up red meat.  It made my father quite angry, as he saw it as fairly ridiculous, and, as the cook of the family, an annoyance when trying to prepare meals.  If I had to guess, I would say that my father’s reaction was probably the main reason I stuck with it.  Though I must say, I love red meat and was so happy when it was over!

These last few years at college, religion has taken a back-burner on the stove of my life.  I have no close family to drag me out of bed at 7a.m. on a Sunday to go to church.  Nor do I have a car to drive to the one Lutheran church in town if I do happen to be up in time for the 11a.m. service.  As a result, while I am not questioning my faith as many college students do, I am just not faced with it on a regular basis.  Thus, I haven’t even thought about giving something up for Lent for the past few years.

This year, I’ve decided to do something about that.  I’m giving up procrastination.  I’m giving up a bad sleep schedule.  I’m giving up losing track of time on silly things.  I’m giving up not posting on this blog even when I have plenty of things to say.

I suppose this is my version of the National Blog Posting Month that I tried a while ago.  I’m going to try to post every day until Easter.  And by posting, I hope to focus myself in order that I might remember all those other, less tangible tasks.  So, dear reader, join me in my Lenten crusade towards a more productive life!  Yippee!

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