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As I’m trying to finish my rough draft for my thesis (so close!!!), I have turned to Pandora Radio to keep my spirits up.  My iTunes library is having *issues* and I like the different things Pandora comes up with that I don’t have on my computer (currently).

While I’m writing, I prefer to have instrumental music on rather than something with lyrics, because then I’m tempted to just sing along with the music, and my writing either goes absolutely nowhere, or tends to have random song-words inputted.  Now, I’m not a huge fan of traditional ‘classical’ music, meaning I like it well enough, but for whatever reason, I actually prefer film scores, particularly those from either period pieces or fantasy films.

So I pop a few of my favs (e.g. John Williams!) into Pandora, and out pops some other soundtracks and a bit o’ jazz, which is nice.  But I also get some “new age” choral-type music.

Now, “new age” is Pandora’s phrase, not mine, and I’m mentioning it because it’s what sparked this post.  As I’m listening to this “new age” music, I am reminded of the monastical recordings I used to listen to in high school when I did homework, which I find slightly ironic, considering the usual implications of “new age”, i.e. pagan, polytheistic, Wiccan, etc.  Even more simply than that, this music’s title has “new” in the title.  What’s so new about monastical music?

This is of course not to say that new age music and monastical music are exactly alike; there are rather distinct differences.  However, they are close enough, in my mind at least, to raise so eyebrows/smirks.

And now I must return to my thesis!


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… with flowers in my hair!

My sister gave me this song from a Scottish musician, Sandi Thom:

The video isn’t that great, and I think the soundtrack is off sometimes, but I just love the song!  It’s not something I would normally listen to, but for some reason, I find it really catchy.

I tried to find some of her other music, but apparently some of her other videos on YouTube are “not available in [my] country.”  Seriously?  Also, iTunes has basically nothing for her.  Oh, it’ll return with a few search results, but if you actually try to click on any of them, it will also tell you that it is unavailable.  Conspiracy!

Well, not really.  But still.  It’s bad form to have search results and then not have them available.  If they’re not available – don’t show them in the search results!

But, back to my happy place.  Sandi Thom is awesome!  And she needs to come to America and make her music available!  Please?

Also, I love that her first album is titled “Smile… It Confuses People”

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While eating in dhall with el boyo yesterday, Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” came onto the dhall radio station (which, b-t-dubbs, plays the best music!) and I started singing along.  El boyo looked at me like I was crazy, and, thinking he just couldn’t hear it, I explained that it was playing.  And then I discovered that he had never heard the song before and therefore had absolutely no idea what was going on or how/why I would know the words to this random song.  A travesty!

But it only gets worse…

In trying to convice me that this song is not, in fact, in the purview of the average college kid, el boyo insisted on asking a few guys near us (whom he knew) and guess what?  They had never heard of it either!  How is it that these guys don’t know classic rock?  I thought all college kids would know the basics of classic rock!  Seriously!

Ergo, for the benefit of those hordes of ignorant people out there, without further ado, I present to you, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by one of the creepiest singers ever, Meatloaf:

I really had forgotten how truly creepy that man is/was.  He actually reminds me of Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter movies:

Peter Pettigrew

Either that or the Cat Demon from Charmed:

And now I will probably have nightmares of a conglomeration of these three creepy men chasing me.  But for you, dear readers, I shall chance it.

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