It’s been quite a while since I posted here last.

(Understatement of the year!)

I don’t know if I have any followers left, but if so, thank you!

I won’t waste my time, or yours, writing yet another whiny post about why I haven’t been here for so long, filling it with empty promises that I will do better this time, blah, blah, blah.

Instead, to the future!

I recently graduated from college (huzzah!), am living in my college town, working on campus for the summer, living with el boyo, all of which is fantastic.

I’m applying to jobs up and down the east coast, but no bites yet (well, one phone interview that didn’t pan out…)

I’ve discovered Tumblr.

And Doctor Who.

And am now obsessed with both.

It’s bad.




Talk about time vampires!

In other news….

Actually, that’s about it.

What’s new in the blogosphere, dear reader(s)?

ETA: did you know that WordPress seriously dislikes <> in blog titles?  Ah well….



I made it home!  I left school Thursday night, stayed over at my grandparents, and flew out with my father Friday afternoon, which was rather stressful as we missed our first flight since I got lost…  But we made it!

As I am wont to do, I slept almost 12 hours my first night home, and would have done the same last night had we not had church in the morning…

As I am also wont to do, I have spent as much of these last two days as possible in front of a roaring fire.  It’s been wonderful, but we’re running out of wood, and who knows when the next delivery will come…

In other news, I have (re)discovered the Ender series by Orson Scott Card!  I read Ender’s Game for the first time last summer, I think?  I know, it’s almost sacrilege!  But I always assumed it was totally overhyped, and I’m not totally a sci-fi fan anyway.  But last summer, late one night when I couldn’t sleep, I picked it up on a whim, and didn’t put it down until I was finished and the sun was beginning to rise…  Oops!

Anyway, I have the whole series now, and reread Ender’s Game, then read Speaker for the Dead for the first time, and now am moving on to Xenocide.  I’ll probably finish the whole series by Christmas–if my mom stops bringing home more books for me to read from the library!

It is so wonderful being able to sleep in, sit in front of a fire with my puppy all day, and just relax and read.  Though since the semester doesn’t technically end until Tuesday, there is still the chance my thesis advisor will want me to work on that darn opus…

Do you have any plans for the Christmas season?

Just a Quick Update…

… to let you all know that I am alive, if not quite well.

I spent 2 hours at the health center today to discover I have bronchitis, and orders to go straight to the emergency room if I feel any worse.

And did I mention that I have a paper due tomorrow on a rather complex subject that I cannot even  wrap my head around at the moment?  At least it’s only 5-7 pages, of which I have, oh, half a page written.

And did I mention that after this week, exams start?

And then I get to go home for the first time since August!  Yey!

But still, worst week ever to get sick?  I think so.

Hope you all are well and had a great Thanksgiving!  Any fun happenings over the brief vacation?

Musings on Music

As I’m trying to finish my rough draft for my thesis (so close!!!), I have turned to Pandora Radio to keep my spirits up.  My iTunes library is having *issues* and I like the different things Pandora comes up with that I don’t have on my computer (currently).

While I’m writing, I prefer to have instrumental music on rather than something with lyrics, because then I’m tempted to just sing along with the music, and my writing either goes absolutely nowhere, or tends to have random song-words inputted.  Now, I’m not a huge fan of traditional ‘classical’ music, meaning I like it well enough, but for whatever reason, I actually prefer film scores, particularly those from either period pieces or fantasy films.

So I pop a few of my favs (e.g. John Williams!) into Pandora, and out pops some other soundtracks and a bit o’ jazz, which is nice.  But I also get some “new age” choral-type music.

Now, “new age” is Pandora’s phrase, not mine, and I’m mentioning it because it’s what sparked this post.  As I’m listening to this “new age” music, I am reminded of the monastical recordings I used to listen to in high school when I did homework, which I find slightly ironic, considering the usual implications of “new age”, i.e. pagan, polytheistic, Wiccan, etc.  Even more simply than that, this music’s title has “new” in the title.  What’s so new about monastical music?

This is of course not to say that new age music and monastical music are exactly alike; there are rather distinct differences.  However, they are close enough, in my mind at least, to raise so eyebrows/smirks.

And now I must return to my thesis!

I had decided that if I could get through one week of blogging every single day, then I was going to officially declare myself part of NaBloPoMo (i.e. National Blog Posting Month), except, as you probably can tell, that failed miserably.  But it’s ok, because it’s encouraged me to return to this blog and post even though I am so sporadic, and barely have the time or inclination to write for school.

So, to recap my life that derailed my NaBloPoMo aspirations:

This past weekend was homecoming.  I went to the homecoming formal on Thursday with my roomie and el boyo.  I’ve gone with el boyo every single year, but this is the first year roomie has come.  Except roomie made us promise that we wouldn’t be all “couple-y” all night, which I took to mean that the occasional dance together was fine, but that we couldn’t be all lovey-dovey for the entire night.  However, I soon found out that she meant that we weren’t allowed to be couple-y for any part of the entire night.  Um, no.  Not happening.  I don’t do ‘modern’ dancing, aka dancing by myself, just swaying to the music.  I like dancing with a partner, as does el boyo.  And we happen to have a lot of fun swing dancing.  So no, I will not not be ‘couple-y’ with my boyfriend if it means I can’t dance with him at all during our senior year homecoming formal.  Screw you.  And yes, I do understand that it isn’t much fun to be a 3rd wheel, but you had other people there to hang out with, and it’s just not fair to put such limits on us.

Anyway.  That was Thursday.  On Friday, we had an awesome bonfire–first one in the school’s recent history (or full history, I’m not sure).  We even burned the other team’s mascot.  And promptly lost the game the next day.  Which I did not go to, because I had to work on my thesis.  Even though I ended up actually playing games on my computer all afternoon, only starting to edit my thesis about an hour before my keepers were due back.  And then we went out to dinner, and I don’t even really remember the rest of the night.  Oh yea, we watched some West Wing, and did some homework on a Saturday night because…

… Sunday was tech!  Roomie and I are both dressing for the current play that opens on Thursday, I believe.  Dressing means we’re in charge of costumes and getting actors in and out of the right costumes at the right time, in a timely fashion.  And since there are only 2 changes, and 8 cast members total, it’s a fairly easy gig.  Which is why, despite the fact that we were technically at tech from noon to midnight, I was able to work for 5 straight hours on editing my thesis.

Which was actually rather awesome for me, since I was able to email my professor a 38-page document, with only one hiccup, and no notes-to-self or outline pieces in sight!  And I have a plan to smooth out that hiccup (which is just a section that has been waiting to be written for oh, 3 months now) and rewrite my introduction and write a conclusion and have a full draft done by the end of the week, which is amazing!  Except, that means I actually have to figure out what everything that I’ve been writing about actually means.  Why it’s important.  Why anyone should care to read this ridiculous thing.  And at the moment, I don’t even care to read the whole thing, so it ain’t boding well…

So there you have it.  Life as I know it.  Oh, and regular class and my two jobs.  And rehearsals and performances for the aforementioned play all through the next 2 weeks.  And then Thanksgiving.  And then a week of classes.  And then exams.  And then the second-to-last semester of my college career is finished.  Uhoh….

Oh, and did I mention that a friend of mine landed a job at Random House for post-grad?  Lucky bastard…  Not that I’m jealous or anything…

In Which I Compose in Latin

… or rather, I should be…

This post is going to be rather short tonight (and not just because I actually just typed that as ‘this short is going to be rather post tonight’) because I have quite the task in front of me.

I have to compose a few lines in Latin.  And not just any Latin, but Senecan Latin.  For those of you unfamiliar with Neronian literature, composing Senecan Latin is something like a German student composing in Shakespearian English.  Except the word order is more like word salad, and it’s not in iambic pentameter.

So wish me luck, fair bloggy friends, for I fear I shall not survive this lethal assignation.

Update: A mere 2 hours later (give or take…), I have translated the approximate ideas of my (currently 40-page) thesis into 5 lines of Senecan-lite Latin!  Huzzah!

Oh a whim this evening, I took a look at my university’s job listing website.  I’ve never found it all that useful in the past, as there aren’t very many postings near my hometown for use in the summers when looking for jobs/internships.  However, now that I pretty much have the opportunity to do anything I want, anywhere I want, I don’t mind looking at job offerings all around the country.

Except…  Most of the offerings are either for business school students or teach-English-abroad type jobs.  Granted, our business school is one of the top in the country, and granted, most post-grad jobs that are offered this early in the year are business-type jobs, but I had still hoped for a bit more variety.  Alas, it was not to be.

But all is not lost.  I was encouraged that there was a spread of locations for the jobs being offered.  Granted, there were very few outside of my university’s state, DC, and NYC, but there were some.  And I’m hoping that come spring, when hopefully the job postings will increase, there will be even more around the country.

And I think I might want to live somewhere that my family doesn’t.  Somewhere along the east coast would be ideal, but I wouldn’t say no to so California sun!

It is scary to consider where I might be a year from now, but also thrilling, but terrifying, but awesome, but AHHH!

Time to stop thinking about this gigantic thing that I can do nothing about before I really work myself into a tizzy!